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Briercrest's varsity athletic teams compete in the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC)
Briercrest's junior varsity athletic teams compete in the Prairie Athletic Conference (PAC)
Briercrest's softball team competes in the Western Collegiate Softball Association (WCSA)

Athlete Arrival

Watch for information from your coach. 

August 26: All varsity and softball athletes arrive. 

September 5: All students arrive including junior varsity soccer, junior varsity basketball, junior varsity volleyball, and running club athletes.
NOTE: There will be limited services available on August 26. Payment is expected at Check-in on September 5, or can be made by phone (306.756.3211) or online in August. If your parents or someone else wants to access what you owe for the semester, ensure you have granted them permission in the Consent for Release of Information section in Briercrest Live.

Semester Cost Estimate

Below is an estimate of the cost for athletes in 2017-18 (based on taking 12 credits per semester). 
Remember that some courses have extra fees.
If you have a scholarship, you can subtract it from the total. 
To calculate more precisely, go to the Cost Calculator.

Fall Semester: $9,523 - $ 9,773 (depending on sport)

Winter Semester: $6,071

Potential Athletes

If you are interested in playing on any of our teams and have not been in contact with a coach, please complete the Recruitment Form and submit it ASAP to be considered.

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