Tuition, Fees & Payment


The Cost Calculator is an excellent tool for calculating your costs 

Tuition per credit hour: $332
Tuition per 3 credit hour course: $996

Dorm Rooms
Double occupancy: $1,577/semester
Single occupancy: $2,409/semester

Meal Plans
12 per week: $1,596/semester
14 per week: $1,770/semester
18 per week: $2,090/semester
160 anytime: $1,630/semester
320 anytime: $2,932/year

Full tuition and fee details


One Payment (per semester)

Due at Check-in in the fall and the first day of class in the winter.

Two Equal Payments (per semester)
50% beginning of each semester, 50% end of October/February – no fee, no interest (on-time payments only).

Student Loans
Loans must be signed by the end of the first month of the semester or 50% payment must be made.


Call: 306.756.3211


NOTE: If your parents or someone else wants to access what you owe for the semester, ensure you have granted them permission in the Consent for Release of Information section in Briercrest Live.

Student Loans - Winter

Apply online through your provincial student loan webpage

Submit application by early November for funds to be available by the start of the winter semester.

Follow the instructions from your province and check the guide we've posted on our finance webpage.

Briercrest will request the maximum allowable funds be released to the school to simplify payment.

NOTE: It is unlikely that student loan disbursements will cover your school costs. Be prepared to supplement with your own funds.


RESP Confirmation

Some RESP programs require that Briercrest fill out a company form (e.g., CST Consultants, Heritage) for the release of funds.
Simply send the form to Academic Services by email ( or fax it to 306.756.5503 ensuring your name is clearly visible.

When we send it in to the company, we will notify you by email. If your fund does not have a particular form, click here to access the Confirmation of Enrolment form (PDF)


Making payments: Cash Counter, 306.756.3211
Other financial matters:, 306.756.3357

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