Messages from Admissions

Below are all the messages that our Admissions Team has sent out to help our new Fall 2019 students get ready for Briercrest.

May 3: Life at Briercrest


We are excited to share a video series showing Life at Briercrest! Whether you've taken all the steps in preparation to be on campus in the fall or are still considering joining this amazing community, I hope this video encourages you and gives you a taste of what you can be a part of at Briercrest.


If you haven't already filled out and submitted the Student Residence Application to indicate your dorm preference please find it linked in the College Residence page of our website.


If you have any questions, we are always happy to help. You can reach us at


- Your admissions advisors, Sally Carter & Michelle Ernst

March 11: Fall 2019 Course Registration

Fall 2019 Course Registration for new students opens March 28!
-if you have received an acceptance for studies at Briercrest College you are eligible to take this next step (if not, please provide us with a copy of your high school transcript ASAP).


Step 1: Pay $200 confirmation deposit

  • You must pay a $200 deposit before you can register for courses. The deposit confirms your intent to study at Briercrest and goes towards your tuition fees.
  • Pay online with MasterCard or Visa here.
  • Pay using e-transfer by following the instructions here.
  • Pay using bank wire by following the instructions here.
  • Pay by calling in a credit card number during office hours to 306.756.3211.

Step 2: Review Fall Course list and timetable

  • View Fall 2019 Course List here.
  • View Fall 2019 Semester Schedule here.
  • There will be more instructions on how to choose courses once confirmation deposit has been received.

Step 3: Access Course Registration in Briercrest Live as early as March 28

  • Once we have record of your $200 deposit, we will give you access to Fall 2019 course registration on Briercrest Live.
    • click on Academics
    • then College Course Registration
    • then View List of All Available Courses
    • then select Fall 2019, and click List Courses
    • then click on the course code of the course you want to register for

Contact us if you have any questions or would like some advice about your class options. We're happy to help!


Michelle Ernst & Sally Carter
Admissions and Academic Advisors

February 22: Financial Awards Application

Start your Briercrest College Financial Award application TODAY!


Step 1: Apply for college

  • We have received your college application already, so you are eligible to apply for awards.
  • You must have a Preliminary or Full Acceptance by the award application deadline to receive any awards. If you haven’t already submitted your high school transcripts, get that to me before the award application deadline. (first deadline for most awards: March 5; final deadline: April 30).

Step 2: See which awards are available.

Step 3: Apply for awards.

  • The application form is on Briercrest Live. You should have received an email with information for setting up a Briercrest Live account. If you can’t find a record of that communication, please let us know.
  • Once you sign in to Briercrest Live, click on Finance, then College Scholarships and Awards Application. Follow the instructions and find the link at the bottom that says Click here to go to the Financial Assistance Application Form.

Helpful hint: You can start the application and finish it later. However, to avoid complications, you MUST use the same browser on the same computer, and DON’T complete the application on your phone (unfortunately the application is not mobile friendly).


Good news: There is only one application form for all the awards! That is 45 minutes of time well-spent!


Let us know if you have any questions!


Michelle Ernst & Sally Carter
Admissions and Academic Advisors

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